W h i t e   m o u n t a i n s   o f   a r i z o n a

The colors on the mountain are the best I have seen in a long, long time! Last Saturday, I rode the chairlift at Sunrise Park Resort to the top of Sunrise Mountain. Although it was pretty cold because of the rain, the colors were spectacular! I hiked down the mountain with my son, Danny and we took a challenging path....the path less trekked, so to speak, and ended up going straight down until we reached a trail the leveled out. It was tricky, to say the least, but we managed to hit the best trails that took us through tunnels of aspens. I always feel like I am walking on a carpet when fallen leaves cover the path. It's hard to express the feeling you get when you are surrounded by this much color. I told Danny that I thought it was a lot like fireworks and he said "better."

The next day I met Brenda Crawford and Jane and Rob Shupack at Pole Knoll Cross-Country Ski Area just southeast of the Sunrise exit off of Rt. 260 (before Greer). We took the Pole Knoll loop to Vista Point Trail and climbed the knoll (felt like a mountain) to 9,700 feet in elevation. The views were spectacular. On our way back down we witnessed some of the best display of White Mountain Autumn color that I have ever seen. The tunnels of aspens were beautiful beyond words.

On my way back from Sunrise, I did stop off and take some pictures of A-1 Lake on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. I can't think of a better place to fish AND take in the colors. It was simply amazing.

This weekend I am traveling to Tempe to check out the ASU game against Stanford on Saturday. I will try to get back to do another hike on Sunday, but not sure where. There are so many places to choose from.


See you on the trail...


A. Groebner


A-1 Lake on Rt. 260

WMAT Reservation - Need permit

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